About Us


ADETEC is an electronics and IT expert that meets the growing needs of businesses in connected objects.

Today, ADETEC continues to make products designed to protect property and persons and transmit information across all networks dedicated to communications media.

This expertise in the design of communicating systems is the company’s core business and it is now accessible to all of ADETEC’s customers through support from its IOT unit.


Following on from the success of its own products and its recognized expertise, ADETEC is now positioned as an expert capable of developing electronic and connected solutions, from the project to the production stage.

A single contact person, offering excellence throughout the development process, ranging from the expression of needs to the first functional productions. This know-how and its related production tool are available to its customers to support them in defining their IOT development needs.

ADETEC’s range combines the technological means and resources necessary for the design, prototyping and manufacture of its customers’ connected devices.


Manufacturing expertise

Established in 1995, ADETEC is an innovative company specialized in the design and production of remote transmission systems. The company excels in the development of anti-intrusion alarm systems and communicating devices.

Developed to ensure that installations are as simple as possible and to allow genuine versatility in its use, the ADETEC VOCALYS range is the result of several years’ work to develop an autonomous and reliable product.

The announced stoppage of the supply of new analog lines and the end of PTSN service has also led ADETEC to develop a universal PTSN/IP/VOIP/CMS/GPRS/HSDPA gateway: AdGateway. This system resolves many issues raised by the disappearance of the analog medium without needing to change old equipment already installed, therefore reducing costs.